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I’ll be posting here about interesting companies and articles I’ve read related to health and technology, specifically related to women’s health & hospital at home.

FemTech to Become a $50 Billion Industry by 2025

The FemTech space is projected to become a $50 billion industry by 2025 (PR Newswire). Although only $400 million was invested in 2018, the next few years are expected to be BIG years for the FemTech industry. I wasn't able to read the study (it costs almost $5,000), but you can check out the summary here.

With all this Buzz, I wanted to post some interesting pieces summarizing and discussing the FemTech space in general.

What is FemTech?  (Allure): A great read about FemTech. It summarizes some of the progress in the field, discusses current problems with the industry (most products currently available are quite expensive), and hopes for a future where women have more insights and control over their own health.

What's happening in FemTech Already? (Femtastic Podcast): A long, but great interview with Katie McMillan of @wellmadehealth. Katie summarizes everything that's happening now in the field and talks about interesting future directions.

Highlights: Minute 16:30 for periods, Minute 20:30 for STDs and vibrators, Minute 24:30 for ovulation, Minute 30:30 for contractions, Minute 36:00 for post partum depression, and the end for a discussion about conditions that disproportionally affect women and require more clinical attention (such as fibromyalgia and muscular degeneration).

What Does Female Connected Care Look Like? (Tia via Medium): Great summary by Tia regarding what they hope Connected Care for Women will look like at Tia Clinic. Now the question is whether their app will be good enough to keep members of Tia Clinic consistently logging so they will be able to receive the benefits of "connected care". Waiting to see the first clinical trials to come out of Tia Clinic.

Netta Levran