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I’ll be posting here about interesting companies and articles I’ve read related to health and technology, specifically related to women’s health & hospital at home.

Menstrual-Related Tech

Menstrual-Related Health Tech 


Menstrual products are growing and becoming more female & environmentally friendly. Clue (which I love), has a blog where they review menstrual products. I highly recommend taking a look


NextGen Jane is Trying to Diagnose Using Period Blood From Tampons (MIT Tech Review): Really interesting review of NextGen Jane. They are hoping to diagnose endometriosis and other disorders using blood squeezed from tampons. Unlike some of the startups below, funding has been harder to raise, and the original funding round (2.3M) was successful because NextGen was focusing on the more attractive topic of fertility. Important to note, endometriosis is usually undiagnosed and affects about 10% of reproductive-age females — about 200 million women. The Cut also has a great review of the topic and discusses the difficulty of extracting info from menstrual blood.


Pill Club Raises $51M (Tech Crunch): Pill Club, an online prescription and delivery service raises $51M. Competitor Nurx also just raised $36M. 19 million women in the United States live without reasonable access to public clinics, and Pill Club is trying to break down these barriers. Read more about birth control access and check out the map made by Power to Decide. 


Extend Fertility Raises $51M (Tech Crunch): Not completely sure how I feel about egg freezing services popping up and receiving funding before other necessary organizations in the field of women’s health, but Extend Fertility has closed an impressive $15M.


Tia Clinic Opens (Domino):  I’ve written previously about Tia — their new gynocolgist office in NYC is open. Tia is putting menustration at the center of it’s care. According to this article it’s a beautiful new space and experience. 

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